Engelska redigera

Verb redigera

Böjningar av urinate  Singular Plural
1-2:a pers. 3:e pers.
Presens urinate urinates urinate
Preteritum urinated
Perfektparticip urinated
Presensparticip urinating


  1. urinera
    Synonymer: pee, eufemism piss, brittiska, eufemism, slang piddle, barnspråk wee, mestadels brittiska widdle, eufemism bleed the lizard, eufemism drain the main vein, eufemism relieve (onelself), wiss, puck, nix, eufemism syphon the python, eufemism answer the call of nature, tap the keg, micturate, break the seal, take a leak

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