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compulsory (kompareras med more/most; adverbform: compulsorily)

  • uttal: kəmˈpʌls(ə)ɹɪ (brittisk engelska) el. kəmˈpʌlsəɹi (amerikansk engelska)
  1. obligatorisk, påbjuden
    The ten-dollar fee was compulsory.
    Avgiften på tio dollar var påbjuden.
    1827, A. D. Jr., Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, A. and C. Black, s. 212: They are entirely private concerns, established by individual teachers, and attendance upon them is no more compulsory than attendance on our dispensaries.
    1996, Ugo Pagano, Democracy and Efficiency in the Economic Enterprise, s. 73: Some might agree that membership in the firm is perhaps more compulsory than membership in a municipality, but balk at applying the analogy to the nation.
    Synonymer: mandatory
    Etymologi: Av latinska compellere (”framtvinga”) latinets compulsorius, av compellere, "tvinga fram".[1][2][3]
    Besläktade ord: compel, compulsion

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