This is an English version of the first section of Wiktionary:Välkommen

Welcome to Swedish Wiktionary! These are the easiest ways to get started and contribute, even if you know very little Swedish.

English menusRedigera

You can set the system language (for menus) to English or your language of choice. For a single page, you can add ?uselang=en to the end of its URL (web page address), e.g.

If you have registered a user name and have logged in, you will find "Inställningar" (Preferences) among the links in the top right corner. On its first page, find Användarinformation > Internationalisering > Språk. Set this to English. At the bottom of the page, click "Spara" (Save).

Add translationsRedigera

Let's start with a typical entry for a Swedish word,

1. Enter the language code (sw) and translation (sukari).

The article socker lists translations of this Swedish word into several other languages. But it doesn't mention that it is called "sukari" in Swahili or "цукор" in Ukrainian.

Expand ("Visa") the translation box ("Översättningar"). At the bottom there are some fields for adding translations. Enter the language code sw (or uk) and the word sukari (or цукор). For the Ukrainian word, also mark that this is a masculine word.

2. Click Förhandsgranska (Preview) and then Spara ändringar (Save changes).

Click Förhandsgranska (Preview). Now the translation is added to the list, but it is not yet saved.

At the top left corner of the screen is a blue box with the button Spara ändringar (Save changes), which you also need to click.

3. The green link creates an entire article for the new entry.

Create entries with green linksRedigera

The word sukari is now part of the list of translations of socker, but there is not yet any entry for that word. Usually, such links are red, but here it is a green link.

Click the green link, and the edit page will appear with an entire article filled in. All you need to do is click Publicera sida (Publish page).

Compare and improve articlesRedigera

Look up two words with similar senses, for example apple and banana or joy and luck. Do they have similar appearance and substance, or does one of them feel less complete? View both articles in edit mode and see what's different in the code. Introduce improvements and save. Many articles are short and can easily be expanded and improved.